Glen's Linux Projects

I have spent a lot of time with Linux. Since the beginning, really. Remember when it fit on 3 floppies ? Things have changed a lot....

I have recently been toying with a Linux ramdisk distribution that I created using LFS. I call it RUDEDOG. This one is kind of unique, and different. I broke a few rules while playing with the possibilities and it was a lot of fun getting there. So, I have created a ramdisk image of this distribution that you can burn to a CDROM or DVD and can join in on the fun.

You need a machine with a MINIMUM of 32 GB ram to boot this image. It boots in a single stage, so it is a little different there. You ought to have multiple cpu cores to use this. The general idea is that using a ramdisk on a pc with a large amount of ram and many cpu cores, you can get very, very fast I/O across multiple threads to/from the ramdrive. I run this on an 8 core Opteron machine with 128 GB ram, and it works rather well... but I think it would do a lot better with 12 cores. I really must apologize for the VERY incomplete configuration. I may address these in a later version. Click here download rudedog.iso You can press <ALT-F3> to get a root prompt after the disk boots.

I also have some older projects that I may wish to share. I do have some useful software projects, I'll share them later when I have the time to put them on this site.