Magnetic Loop Antenna Projects

I find these antennas fascinating. If constructed and used appropriately, they are remarkable.

I have built magnetic loop antennas ranging from a tiny magnetic loop antenna for 70 cm made on a PC board, single turn loops made from copper tubing, and larger multi-turn box loops for MF and HF use.

My original magnetic loop page (and my favorite) is a box loop that I made a long time ago. I took pictures and put up a web site showing some of the construction details. This is an excellent antenna for 600 KHz through 4 MHz.

Click here to visit my box loop page.

The antenna which I am currently using is a high efficiency single turn magnetic loop made of aluminum. It is an ongoing development that represents a distillation of new and old ideas aimed at improving the efficiency of compact high frequency transmitting antennas. If you want to build a magnetic loop antenna that is more efficient and works really well for transmitting, you should probably visit the transmitting loop antenna page and read the content.

Click here to visit my transmitting loop antenna page.