Peer-Reviewed Publications:

G. E. Gardner & R. H. Mapes,Editor: A. C. Riccardi, “The relationships of color patterns and Habitat for Lower Triassic Ammonoids,” From Crittenden Springs, Elko County, Nevada, in the Revue de Paleobiologie (Gerd Westermann festschrift), 26pp. (2000).

A Ruggedized Radio Frequency Preamplifier for use from 100 KHz to 2 GHz, Glen E. Gardner Jr. ARRL Pubs. QEX/Communications Quarterly Magazine, May-June 2004

Recent Online Publications:

More Online Publications (a little dated):

One of my Beowulf clusters :

This machine really created a fuss when I published it at For whatever reason, this little computer created a sensation on the internet. It was slashdotted and on the day after the release I had quite a lot of email, which continued for several years afterward.

I wrote a number of articles for CSCENE magazine back in the day...

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