SKIMMERD A Telnet Skimmer client Daemon for Linux and BSD


Glen E. Gardner, Jr.


What is it ?

SKIMMERD is a BSD socket client/daemon which can be used to acquire data from one of the telnet skimmers.

How does it work ?

Given the proper command line arguments it will run in the background, connect to a network skimmer and send the data to a plain text file of your choice. It can also provide output to the console so that it can be used as a command line program to monitor skimmer activity.

What operating systems does it run on ?

Skimmerd is written in C, using BSD sockets. It will compile and run on Linux and BSD Unix.

How do I get it?

It is available as a gzipped tar file. Click HERE to download skimmerd.tgz

How do I install it ?

1) Download skimmerd.tgz

2) decompress the archive: tar -xzvf skimmerd.tgz

This will produce a directory named "skimmerd" with three files: README, LICENSE.TXT and skimmerd.c

3) Compile the source code: gcc -o skimmerd skimmerd/skimmerd.c

If you are running it as a user you likely want to put it in the "bin" directory at $HOME/bin/skimmerd

If you wish to install it so that other users can use it you can put it at /usr/bin/skimmerd

How do I use it ?

Skimmerd needs to know the following information;

The hostname of the skimmer that you wish to get data from

The network port to use

The network protocol to use (skimmers only support TCP, so use that)

Your call sign

The name of the log file which you wish to create.